Bayberry Candle

Lighting and gifting bayberry candles in the Yule time is a centuries-old tradition.  They say it creates a closer bond and improves partnership. Some also believe that burning these candles in homes would attract wealth and prosperity.  

The real bayberry wax candles are slightly bitter and leave an unpleasant woodsy odor.  Adding aromatic scents eliminates this odor and they are widely used during the holiday season.  

Our bayberry votives are just $1.50 each and are designed to burn for approximately 12 hours which will work perfectly to carry on the tradition.  

The ritual is to light the candle on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve and let it burn until it goes out.  These should be burned only in a votive appropriate container.


Bayberry Votive Candle
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Bayberry Votive Candle

Our Bayberry votive candle is designed to burn in a votive appropriate container to obtain maximum hours for the tradition.  

$1.50 each