About Us


Hello...I'm Thomas Gallion and I am the owner/chandler 
of Hannah Candles at Home

Candle making became a passion for me, as a child. My Grandma Gallion, made sure I had a mold for every shape and season! 

I re-kindled my passion with the candles in 1999, when I started making my container candles. I was working with an older lady friend who opened a store called "Miss Sally's." Sally died very suddenly on me, in July of 2000, and I was forced to venture off on my own, and I opened my first store and first web site.

I've continued to have a passion for making quality wax products for the past 17 years...


This is my niece Hannah who is the namesake for my business:

Born in 1997...

 And now she's all grown up:
Graduating class of 2015